The financial planning process involves more than just producing a document. It's a life plan.

Your financial plan is the foundation and the road map toward meeting your goals and objectives and becomes the cornerstone to our ongoing relationship with you. Our holistic approach to financial planning will take you on a journey that will require you to make an investment of time in you and the legacy you wish to leave. What is our process?

Evaluation. Before we can make any recommendations, we must evaluate all of the elements of your financial and life circumstances. During the evaluation phase of the financial planning process we will sit with you and engage in a very open and candid discussion about your assets, liabilities, concerns and life goals. Once we have all of the facts and data needed to begin, we will begin designing your and your family's plan.

Develop and Implement the Plan. Once we have the necessary information, we will develop your plan. Your plan will reflect the specifics we discussed during the evaluation phase. This includes your time horizon, risk profile, tax consideration, estate and legacy goals and how you wish to enjoy your quality of life. This plan will include investments and strategies that take into account your specific profile and also present economic and market considerations that may affect your plan.

Monitor the Plan. Creating a financial and wealth management plan is not a once in a life time event. It does not end. Your plan will be reviewed and monitored on a regular basis. With your input, we will periodically review your portfolio and address any life events that may require us to update your plan to reflect necessary changes.

Fees. As we mentioned earlier, our fees are transparent to our clients. We received a percentage of the assets we are managing for you. As long as we are managing a portfolio for you, we don’t charge an additional fee for the financial planning process. We also don’t cloud the planning process by recommending or selling products as a part of your plan. This gives you a non-biased financial plan that truly places your needs and objectives as the number one priority. That’s what the fiduciary relationship is all about.